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The Design Center is dedicated to design, urban planning and public policy resulting in more livable, equitable and sustainable communities in the Pittsburgh region.


The Design Center envisions a region where design is accessible, valued and celebrated throughout diverse and connected communities.

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clearwater Does Clearwater Still Need A Downtown?
July 21, 2014
July 5, 2014

by Mike Brassfield – Tampa Bay Times

Many cities are struggling with how to revitalize their downtowns. Some wonder if the investment might be better spent in another part of town. Link to full story.

urbancincy1 What Influence Does Population Density Have on Neighborhood Improvement?
July 3, 2014

by Jacob D. Fessler – Strong Towns

Research shows a correlation between increased income in poor neighborhoods and population density. This does not necessarily indicate causation, however it does reveal a connection worth exploring. Link to full story.

bike share We Need to Think Bigger About Transit-Oriented Development
July 3, 2014

by Gabe Klein – CityLab

Transit-oriented development should not focus solely on rail transit. Active transportation, such as bike infrastructure, should also be a focus. Link to full story.

science What Can a ‘Science of Cities’ Offer Planners?
July 3, 2014
June 25, 2014

by Michael Mehaffy – Planetizen

The “science of cities” includes the insight that cities are partially self-organizing. This this science, planners can better understand urban environments. Link to full story.